As some of you may have noticed probably, our Beauty Rollers are available in five different versions: Jade, Black Jade, Amethyst, Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz. Now you’ll be asking yourself which version you should choose and which stone suits your skin. The difference lies not only in the color of the stones, but above all in their healing effect as well as symbolism, which are attributed to the respective precious stone.

Green Jade
The green jade stone is not only appealing to us, but quite popular especially with Asia. There it is also known as “stone of heaven” and in ancient China it was worn only by emperors. This stone is said to have a particularly healing effect on the kidneys. Jade has a balancing and calming effect on the skin – ideal for a relaxing spa evening after a stressful day.

Black Jade
Black jade is a real eye-catcher with its mystical colour. It contains even more minerals and of all the stones it smoothes the skin best. Due to its mineral structure, the face is better supplied with blood – your skin will feel smooth and soft after the treatment.

If you struggle with problematic skin, we recommend the purple Amethyst Roller. It has a calming and above all a cleansing effect on the skin and mind. This stone is said to counteract migraines/headaches and negative thoughts. The perfect “Om” for your skin.

Rock Crystal
Clear, pure and fresh like sparkling mountain water – of course we’re talking about the Rock Crystal Roller. This stone is particularly suitable for mature skin, because with its powerful and energetic charisma it gives dull skin that certain something.

Rose Quartz
The beautiful rose quartz is my personal favorite, because it is also known as a love stone. Rose Quartz is said to increase receptivity to love – we have fallen in love with it! Rose quartz also soothes stressed skin and makes it supple again after a long day or night.
Which stone is your favorite?


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